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August 8, 2020 by admin

About Anchors Away Property Management

We focus on providing exceptional professional management services at an affordable price.  We began our Vacation Rental company in 2018 and have successfully served owners and guests visiting the Panhandle from Ft Walton Beach to Panama City Beach.
Our team has proven to be highly successful at securing quality guests, while maximizing the value of the owner’s assets.  We know that condo owners purchased with either an investment strategy or a desire to have a second home that could potentially make some money. We appreciate and understand that and the unique challenges that exist with vacation rentals in a beach environment. That is why we focus our energy on providing professional management services at an affordable price.  Many of our current owners partnered with us because of the rising and hidden costs of some of our competitors, we don’t believe in contract or hidden fees or charging fees for regular & routine maintenance, which is why, our owners never sign a contract, we enter into a management agreement that can be terminated with a short notice, we also do not charge “junk fees” to our owners for regular maintenance.

We have three goals in managing your vacation property: protect your property, maximize your annual revenue, and provide outstanding customer service so that guests will want to return year after year.

How do we do it?  We are constantly working with industry professionals in housekeeping and maintenance to protect your property by keeping it clean and well maintained.  Guests quickly realize that we provide not only a quality vacation rental but personal, attentive customer service.  We maximize your revenue by offering competitive rates and innovative “specials”.  We also offer detailed monthly accounting of revenue, commission and expenses; timely owner payouts, copies of maintenance invoices without markup and accurate 1099s and annual reports at tax time.

When an owner partners with Anchors Away, we pay the costs of professional pictures & video of your unit, we pay for the unit to be advertised on several of the booking sites including Air B&B and VRBO, as well as several other smaller sites, as well as our direct booking website. This allows perspective guests to save on booking fees by booking directly from our website. inventory and pick the condo that looks the best to them. This eliminates subjective ranking
systems, and rotation systems that often leave owners wondering why their condo is sitting empty.

We also DO NOT grade or rank our units – we monitor each property and advertise according with the goal to keep each unit on our platform booked, in order to maximize profits for our owners.
We price our condos based on market competition. We are continuously checking the websites of
competitors as well as VRBO/Air B&B to make sure that we are competitively priced, because in this market consumers go where the deals are. If a management company fails to stay on top of the market, they end up with a lot of empty condos. We believe that it is our job to make sure that condos stay rented!

Once again, we welcome the opportunity to discuss partnering with you and helping you with your property management needs. If you have any questions, please give Anchors Away Rentals a call. Our goal is NOT to be the biggest management company on the beach – just YOUR management company.